Recycling is the process that allows you to reuse a material for multiple cycles of production and or consumption. Recycling is the foundation for sustainable development. It reduces the use of waste disposal in landfills (or incinerators), allows the recovery of raw materials of which waste is composed and reintroduces them into production processes as input of production. Recycling reduces the exploitation of natural resources thus allowing for a lower environmental impact of production.


    We proudly present you the RECYCLING LINE of VTN Europe equipment designed for this work, is commonly used to:
  • Screen demolished material and quarry residues, as well as for reclaiming of rocky ground
  • Sort or reduce material size

    The VTN Europe recycling range main features are:
  • High quality raw materials (Hardox)
  • High productivity and capacity
  • Interchangeable grills with different sizes
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance

    Technomichaniki is the official partner of VTN Europe in Greece
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